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Band Music You'll Love!!
by Sandy Feldstein & Larry Clark

Sandy Feldstein Music & PlayinTime Productions, Inc. is pleased to present our catalog of high quality music for young bands all composed or arranged by Sandy Feldstein & Larry Clark.

Intermediate Level - Grade 2

All of the music on this page correlates to The Yamaha Advantage - Book 2.

Click here for Beginning Level (grades 1-1½) music correlated to Book 1.


Chorale Warm-Ups for Young Bands

Four effective warm-up chorales to build musicianship and work on tone quality, intonation, balance and blend with a young band. These chorales are based on popular hymns or songs like "Chester" and "In the Bleak Midwinter" and are scored for success by younger groups and will help to build their confidence and increase the beauty of tone produced by your band. These chorales are a perfect way to improve the legato and lyrical playing of your ensemble. This piece is correlated to The Yamaha Advantage band method book 2, but can be used with any band program of study.
$50.00  Book 2 Page 2          PT-YCB41-00 width="34" width="87"


The essence of improving the aural skills of your students is by teaching them to recognize melodic intervals as part of the structure of music. This contest/festival style piece is also designed to teach most of the major and minor melodic intervals through the two main themes of the piece. As an added bonus, the back page of the parts includes both of the melodies written out for all of the instruments so that you can use the piece to teach this concept. Lesson plan materials are included with the score. This piece is correlated to The Yamaha Advantage band method book 2, but can be used with any band program of study.
$60.00  Book 2 Page 29          PT-YCB43-00 width="34" width="87"

Lullaby for Christmas

Lullaby for Christmas is a unique combining of popular lullabies such as the Brahmí Lullaby and Hush-a-bye Baby with the favorite Christmas carols Away In a Manger and O, Holy Night. A beautiful and subtle arrangement to celebrate the Christmas season!
$50.00  Book 2 Page 22          PT-YCB33-00 width="34" width="87"


Whispers is a lyrical composition that will be a perfect vehicle to teach musicianship, elegant phrasing, balance, blend and beauty of tone. Beautiful melodies are given numerous orchestrational and harmonic treatments to create a musical journey that will be pleasing to performers and audiences.ight. A beautiful and subtle arrangement to celebrate the Christmas season!
$50.00  Book 2 Page 31          PT-YCB34-00 width="34" width="87"

Christmas Gloria

Christmas Gloria begins with a snare drum solo snares off which sets the tone for a bolero style arrangement reminiscent of the Little Drummer Boy but based on the all time favorite Pat-a-Pan. The arrangement builds to a climax that brings in the melody of the Gloria section of Angles We Have Heard On High.
$50.00  Book 2 Page 17          PT-YCB20-00 width="34" width="87"

Rock America

Rock America opens with a full band lyrical statement of America the Beautiful leading to a restatement of America the Beautiful in a hip new style reminiscent of the great Ray Charles version. The arrangement includes Youíre a Grand Old Flag, which has elements of the rock feel, interspersed with a traditional march style.
$50.00  Book 2 Page 31          PT-YCB21-00 width="34" width="87"

The Bells of Christmas

The Bells of Christmas, a medley of popular Christmas carols, incorporates the sounds of ringing bells and chimes as a unifying theme. The piece presents O Tanenbaum, Deck the Halls, Joy to the World and other snippets of holiday favorites in a variety of styles from fanfare gestures to beautiful chorale type settings.
$50.00  Book 2 Page 22          PT-YCB27-00 width="34" width="87"


Snarendipity features solo snare drum with band. This piece can be performed by one snare drummer or with multiple snare drum soloists. The snare drum part includes contemporary sounds as well as many rudiments.
$50.00  Book 2 Page 8          PT-YCB23-00 width="34" width="87"

Meet the Band

Meet the Band is intended to be used as a recruitment piece at a recruitment concert. It introduces young students to all of the instruments and sections of the band. The narrator "Sam the Snare Drum" takes the students on a musical journey through the instrument of the band. Many of the instrumental themes will be familiar to the students from their use in the Yamaha Advantage Recorder Plus method. Each section and then the whole band get a chance to shine in this excellent recruitment tool.
$60.00  Book 2 Page 31          PT-YCB35-00 width="34" width="87"


Equinox is a tour-de-force for the young band and can serve as the culmination of study at the end of The Yamaha Advantage Band Method book 2 or any band method book 2. It is a contest piece with driving rhythms, bold fanfare gestures, lyrical lines and climatic moments that will help to show off your band to their best abilities.
$50.00  Book 2 Page 35          PT-YCB39-00 width="34" width="87"

The Fifers

The Fifers is designed to give your best players an opportunity to play a solo with band accompaniment. Originally composed for harpsichord by Jean-Francois Dandrieu, this lively piece is written in a Baroque style and is perfect for reinforcing sixteenth note rhythms.
$50.00  Book 2 Page 22          PT-YCB30-00 width="34" width="87"

Band-o-rama March

Band-o-rama is a wonderful march designed for combined performance of beginning, intermediate and high school bands. The composition is available in two versions; one for high school band and one with parts for both elementary and intermediate bands. Each publication is designed so it can be performed separately but when you put them together for a mass band concert, it will bring the house down.
PT-YCB06A-00 includes parts for elementary and intermediate bands.
PT-YCB06B-00 includes parts for high school bands.
$40.00  Book 2 .          PT-YCB06B-00 width="34" width="87"

Outback Rhapsody

Outback Rhapsody introduces the delightful music of Australia in a contest style piece. It is perfect to reinforce 6/8 time in 2. It combines 3 popular folk songs from Australia and would be great to use in a multicultural presentation.
$50.00  Book 2 Page 29          PT-YCB14-00 width="34" width="87"

Christmas Toyland

Christmas Toyland is a clever new arrangement that combines the famous march from the Tchaikovsky Nutcracker with the Victor Herbert classic Toyland. It is perfect to reinforce triplets and 3/4 time. The combination of these two wonderful compositions is certain to be an audience favorite.
$50.00  Book 2 Page 24          PT-YCB15-00 width="34" width="87"

Winter Holidays

Winter Holidays is unique in that it combines four favorite holiday songs of both Christmas and Hanukah. The songs are heard alone and together, at one point combining three of the melodies in a musical celebration exemplifying both the uniqueness and the unifying forces of the holiday season.
$50.00  Book 2 Page 8          PT-YCB09-00 width="34" width="87"

Recorder Rag

Recorder Rag was composed to feature members of your elementary recorder class playing along with the band for recruitment purposes. The ragtime style was chosen for its fun appeal to both player and audience alike. Place the recorder section at the front of the band so they can be heard and seen by their parents. This will be a smash hit and a great recruitment tool.
$50.00  Book 2 Page 12          PT-YCB31-00 width="34" width="87"