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Wynton Marsalis DVD Series
Wynton Marsalis Master Classes

These three master class DVD’s contain a wealth of great information
delivered in that special Wynton style.

The History of the Trumpet Buy at Walking Frog Records
$19.95 - WME006

In this unique DVD, Wynton traces the history of the Trumpet from the early examples of a Conch Shell and Ram’s Horn, to today’s modern orchestral and jazz instruments. He explains how the construction of the Trumpet has changed over time, and demonstrates those changes by playing and talking about different historical instruments and their respective historical eras. In addition to this entertaining and interesting historical review, Wynton includes two bonus sections specifically for the trumpet player and musician. "Essential Tips for Getting Your Sound", and "From The Beginning", give the player unique insight from this excellent educator, Pulitzer Prize Winner, and superb musician to bring into your own sound every day ! These are programs that everyone interested in the Trumpet or how to play it should have in their collection!


Master Class – Jazz
Buy at Walking Frog Records
$19.95 - WME005

MASTER CLASS – JAZZ, has Wynton working with a Jazz quintet. There is in depth discussion and demonstration of all aspects of the rhythm section as well as the front line horns. Concepts of improvisation, playing as a group including techniques of listening and interacting as a group are also covered. This one is cram packed with information for players and teachers who work with small groups and big bands.

Master Class – Trumpet Buy at Walking Frog Records
$19.95 -

MASTER CLASS – TRUMPET, contains three student performances of classical trumpet literature by Tartini, Aruturian and Hindemith. Wynton works with each student on interpretation and performance objectives. There is also an extended question and answer section that covers many areas of Trumpet playing in both the classical and Jazz styles.









Note for note transcriptions of Wynton’s solos on some of the world’s greatest songs
Wynton Marsalis Master Classes


Wynton Marsalis Standards Buy at Walking Frog Records
$19.95 - WME002




Wynton Marsalis Ballads Buy at Walking Frog Records
$19.95 - WME003

Wynton Marsalis Standards and Wynton Marsalis Ballads contain complete note for note transcriptions and piano reductions of the combo arrangements from some of Wynton’s Grammy winning performances.

These NEW editions, which have been meticulously edited by Wynton himself, are contained in score form with the piano parts and are also provided as a SEPARATE PULL OUT SECTION.

The songs in the two volumes include:
Standards: April in Paris, Autumn Leaves, Caravan, Cherokee, Django, A Foggy Day, Linus & Lucy, The Song is You, When You Wish Upon A Star.
Ballads: For All We Know, I Can’t Get Started, Its Easy To Remember, My Ideal, Skylark, Stardust, Where Or When and Who Can I Turn To.


The Magic Hour Buy at Walking Frog Records
- $14.95

THE MAGIC HOUR is a limited edition commemorative sheet music book containing photos and transcriptions of every song on Wynton’s Blue Note album of the same name.