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Giovanni Hidalgo

When anyone hears or sees Giovanni Hidalgo perform they are impressed by his technique, his musicianship and his ability to make the music come to life. The basics on which he has built his playing technique are taught and demonstrated in this book. Every exercise and musical composition in the book is contained on the CD, which also contains video clips of each of the basic strokes.

The Ultimate Conguero Level 1 – book/CDROM Buy from Walking Frog Records
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Ignacio Berroa

Two Innovative books for the drum-set by Ignacio Berroa. In defining the talent of Ignacio Berroa, Dizzy Gillespie said “…The only Latin drummer in the world, in the history of American music who intimately knows both worlds:
his native Afro-Cuban music as well as jazz.”

Both books contain CD’s with instructional material played by the author and both contain fantastic play a-long tracks Groovin’ in Clave combines Rock and Funk with Afro-Cuban rhythms.

A New Way of Groovin’ combines Jazz and Rumba Clave for a new sound on the drum-set.

Groovin’ in Clave – book/CD Buy from Walking Frog Records
$24.95 -

A New Way of Groovin’
– book/CD Buy from Walking Frog Records
$24.95 - MU10